End-to-end algo trading

for your success in trading

High Probability order generation and Human Less algorithmic order execution for trading digital, Synthetic and traditional assets.


We can shape your vision

Strategy from Experts

Use any off-the-shelf live back tested strategy or reduce your time-to-market by getting a strategy developed from our experts.

Risk Assessment

We do a holistic Risk assessment of strategies and do the adjustments which yields the best Risk/Reward ratio. 

Order Execution

Minimize your strategy execution time to milliseconds by utilizing our Smart order routing API’s which connects with various brokers and platforms.

24/7 Support

EliteAlgo provides 24/7 support to all the algo customers. We have in-house support team to resolve your every query.

Advanced Algo Trading

EliteAlgo offers fully automated algo trading platform, which will generate high probability signals based on various quant and technical formulas and will execute these orders in milliseconds. We help clients to achieve their financial goals, by building an algorithm that gives regular and sustainable returns over a long period of time.

We have strict stoploss and drawdown limits for each strategy. Which keeps the profits intact in case of trade going wrong. These limits are applicable on trade level as well as day level.

We also keep the risk limited by creating the algo strategies for Intraday only. As the gap up as well as gap down opening risk is eliminated.

Algo Trading Strategy Development

EliteAlgo provides in-house team for developing the custom Algo trading strategy for your risk appetite. Our team will not only develop, but also backtest the developed strategy.

Once satisfied the team will put the algo trading strategy in live trading for testing purpose with a small exposure. 

Once the team is fully satisfied with the Algo strategy, they will then deploy this strategy to the API, 

Servicing Clients Around the world

We have customers from all over world who require Algo Trading and Algo strategy development services.