Proprietary Trading

Excellent Securities is engaged in proprietary trading in Indian as well as overseas markets. We hire professional traders with entrepreneurial mindset and give them our own capital to trade in the stock markets to generate profits.

We provide our traders with professional software. We also have our in-house team of data scientists to help them with statistical methods to be on the right side of the market. We continuously maintain our trading infrastructure to support our traders

Algo Trading

Excellent, offers fully automated algo trading platform, which will generate high probability signals based on various quant and technical formulas and will execute these orders in milliseconds. We help clients to achieve their financial goals, by building an algorithm that gives regular and sustainable returns over a long period of time.

We also provide in-house team for developing the custom Algo trading strategy for your risk appetite. Our team will not only develop, but also backtest the developed strategy.

Trade Execution

Excellent Securities Limited is a associated with many top brokers with the major stock exchanges in India as well as overseas and offers a suite of trade execution and support services to Indian as well as global investors looking to trade in emerging markets.

We help global investors in account opening, executions, reporting and complete support. The major asset classes we deal in are: Indian Equities, Indian Derivatives, Overseas Equities, Cryptocurrencies & Forex.

Quantitative Research

at Excellent, quantitative research is the foundation for our trading strategies. Our quants develop mathematical models, based on historical data, to represent markets and behavioral patterns. These models serve as road-maps for our pricing strategies, market decisions and risk management.

We also create quantitative strategies based on the inputs of clients and then handover this strategy as a working code for client usage.